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Womb Awakening is the medicine we need to reawaken our feminine essence of pleasure, sensuality, safety, body wisdom and inner peace.


Through Womb Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Womb Awakening practices, ceremonies, sharing circles, menstrual mysteries and knowledge of the feminine psyche, we recognise the true beauty, power and love that reside in a Woman's body.


A feminine way is an adoration of your body as a sacred vessel to awaken love, pleasure, and power within.

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      The foundations of A Feminine Way build upon...

  • The deep and transformational journey into the Mystery of the Womb and how to heal her wounds and awaken her power and magic.

  • Reclaiming your Womb and Yoni, your Menstrual cycle, your sexuality and pleasure, your beloved Heart and emotions as divine and holy.

  • Honouring your wounds, your background and your ancestors.

  • Understanding your mind so that you can learn to embrace every emotion that arises in the feminine psyche

  • Meeting your shadow and unconscious

  • Understanding and healing the split from the Feminine

  • A deeply healing and spiritual connection to Mother Earth and the Beloved Great Mother

My burning question has been “Why is it so difficult being a woman”?

Why are all women struggling in their bodies?

Why are we experiencing menstrual issues, burn outs, disconnection from our bodies, stress & anxiety, fertility issues, depression, low self-image, and disconnection from our sexuality?

Why do we feel separated from ourselves and disempowered in our bodies?

For many years, this was how I experienced being a woman. It became my mission to find the way out of the misery that many women are experiencing, so that we can awaken to the truth and beauty of our feminine being and become our own womb healer.

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