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sacred feminine membership

a body - based spiritual journey of reclaiming your deep feminine power


HOLY WOMB is a membership for women desiring deeper self love, erotic awakening and grounding into their body.

an inward journey into your deep feminine to unmask what’s longing to be expressed and healed within you.

restoring wholeness in your body, and grounding into your yoni, womb and heart, is the red thread we weave this sacred journey with.

if you long for true, deep and loving self-intimacy, where you are your own beloved, the source of love in your life...

if you want to learn how to use your erotic energy as a healing source, that inspires and empowers you, in a safe and grounded way.

if you long to be held in a space where we go slow, soft and deep, where you always have the choice be gentle with yourself.

and you want to fill your body with presence, so that you can love all the forgotten, shut down and frozen parts of your being.

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perhaps you often feel disconnected from self, like you are living in a body that's constantly stressed and disconnected from love. 

Holy Womb is a place for you to soften, melt, and soften a little more. to release the hard armour you've had to put on in a world that doesn't honour the feminine.


..because you haven't felt safe to express your feminine nature, you feel that there's so much unexpressed bottled up inside, that longs to awaken in you.

It's time my love, to be a devotee of the temple of your body,
to heal and awaken your body of love.

Receive an abundant online library full of feminine and womb centered teachings, while joining two monthly live ceremonies structured through rich monthly themes, to bring you deeper into self-love, awaken your sensual body and ground into your being.


When you step into Holy Womb..

Holy Womb is not just a monthly membership where you do a class and then move on. This membership is a transformational journey when you chose to journey with yourself.


With carefully crafted themes aimed to truly heal some of the deepest wounds women carry related to their body, sexuality, psyche and relationship to self, you'll be given a specific practice to embody each month (around 15 minutes, to be practiced as often as you want)


When you step into the temple of Holy Womb, you'll be offered tools to ground and connect deeply to yourself, with practices to create a daily, alive relationship with your heart, womb and yoni.


We'll guide you into the depth of your body, to remember the holiness of your feminine nature, and allow your feminine being to express her true self, so that you can recognise your wholeness and experience that all you're longing for is already available within you.


R O O T S   &  V A L U E S


in the knowledge that you are absolutely lovable as you are, here and now, together with a gentle feminine approach to sexual and feminine healing, you'll be guided to find deep healing intimacy with yourself.


Core values we follow

 ∼ a grounded nervous system

∼ going slow & deep

∼ feeling safe

∼ awakening your sensual body

∼ listening to your body's knowledge 

∼ sanctifying your feminine terrain

Your membership includes..

  • instant access to a library of more than 35 recorded womb yoga classes, yoga nidra's, womb journeys, womb practices & nervous system regulation practices

  • 2 monthly live ceremonies (recorded)
    - 1st circle ∼ live transmission and practice for the monthly theme (1,5-2 hours)
    - 2nd circle ∼ integration and deeper     embodiment of the months topic (1 hour)

  • 1 live 45 minute Womb Yoga class (recorded), with calming somatic practices

  • Access to our private community of like-hearted sisters, for sharing, support & witnessing

  • Dates for live will be announced each month 

I'll join any workshop, course or circle that Jenny has to offer, online or in real life - at every opportunity I have. You will find a deeply wise, gentle and heartful womb Sister in Jenny, and she is one of the best to be held, guided and supported in embodying our womanhood in our deepest honesty, truth, vulnerability, and power.

- Juste, Denmark

After doing Jenny’s Womb Yoga classes I feel like a new person. It changed how I experience my sexuality. The slowness, presence and gentle movements created an energy I only thought I could have with a partner. I have so much left to heal and discover but there I understood healing for real. So thank you thank you Jenny for your softness.

- Hannah, Pleasure habits, Sweden

There's a few agreements that are necessary to agree upon before journeying with me

The nature of working with your yoni and womb can bring up wounds and traumas. While my intention is to go slow and grounded, we're also working with deeper parts of our psyche and body, plus stronger release practices. This work is deep. It's therefore important that you have good emotional, physical and mental foundations to do this work. Since this is an online, limited group container, you must be ready to take full responsibility for yourself and your experience.

Please reach out to me with any doubts.

Choose your plan




Monthly subscription
  • 2 live monthly ceremonies

  • 1 live womb yoga class of 30 minutes

  • instant access to the entire feminine library of more than 30 pre-recorded classes

  • access to private community for connection and support

  • 3 month minimum commitment




Monthly subscription
  • instant access to the entire feminine library of more than 30 pre-recorded classes

  • 1 monthly womb yoga class 30 minutes

  • 3 month minimum commitment


Is this for me?

If you are ready to meet your deepest feminine expression, to embody greater self-love, inner connection and become your own inner beloved

If you want to take your feminine self-care and spiritual path to the next level, where you do deep healing work on yourself

If you want high-level guidance & practices to implement in daily life, for lasting and consistent connection to your yoni, womb, heart - your entire body


Is this for me?

If you are new to this work, and are curious to see if it's for you. You want a gentle start in connecting to your womb and femininity.

You have a lot going on in your life, or feel like now isn't the time to go on a deepening journey. You want short, yet deep yoga classes and womb practices to connect to yourself and your feminine nature.

  • How is the live content delivered?
    All ceremonies and classes happen on zoom, and will be recorded and uploaded to Circle community platform, where all our content is easily accessible. This is also where we have our private community.
  • Is the content downloadable?
    The content is not downloadable, you therefore need wi-fi access.
  • I've done some of your other programs and classes, is there any overlap?
    Yes… several of the recordings have been up on youtube. If you've taken part of my yoni/womb sadhanas, you'll also find these classes in the library. There are also a few classes that I haven't shared publicly before.
  • How long do I have access to the content for?
    You have access as long as you are subscribed for the membership.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    If you are a single mother or financially disadvantaged, please email for information on partial scholarships

About Jenny Janaki

For so long I abused my body and ignored her wisdom. The result was great menstrual pain, burnout, and sexual shut down.

It was time to finally listen to the calling of my womb.

All the pain I was facing became an unraveling of who I am as a woman and understanding what was holding me back to fully love myself.

I struggled with feeling feminine, beautiful, sexual and confident.


I had done hundreds of hours of yoga, studied passionately Vedanta, but I had forgotten my feminine being. I ignored my cyclical nature and the fact that I felt shut down sexually. My nervous system was overtaxed with stress and I disliked parts of myself intensely.

The journey of returning home to my feminine body of love has been the most rewarding action I've taken in my life. To discover the power and richness of living from my sensual being has been a love story that keep unfolding and blessing my life. I am so looking forward to share the tools I've embodied with you.

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