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Into the Heart of the Feminine

Welcome to an intimate journey into yourself, while creating nourishing healthy ways to relate in Sisterhood.



During this retreat we will guide you in meeting women with an open heart and to find safety within yourself, so that you can rediscover the gifts that sisterhood holds. 

As women we often long for our sisters, because we are wired for connection. Friendship can be deeply nourishing and healing for the feminine, but for many of us the sacred bond has been broken. Rather than feeling safe in sisterhood, we fear it. 

During this retreat you’ll be empowered to practice being in allowing presence with one another, so that we can reestablish sacred relating with all women, where we meet in healing love. 

In sacred relating, we se every woman as a reflection of the divine feminine, as well as a reflection of oneself. This is the healing that will let us release feelings of competition and judgment and together rise in support and admiration for one another.

We relearn and remember how to be in sacred sisterhood with each other. You will be guided in the art of witnessing where we see the divine in every aspect of her. By supporting and accepting each other’s wholeness, we learn to love parts of ourselves just the way we are. 

We will explore this through temple dance, Womb Yoga, Feminine Embodiment, Shamanic Journeys, Women’s Circles and sacred rituals.


• Deep body movement – somatic, meditative, embodied & emotional expression
• Women’s Circles
• Sister witnessing with sacred communication and relating
• Meditation and Shamanic Journeys 
• Rituals & prayers


SCHEDULE (may change slightly)

08.00-09.00 Morning gentle practice 

09.00-11.00 Silent Breakfast

11.00-13.30 Temple dance, Women’s circle

13.30-17.00 Lunch Break, rest, forest walk, time for yourself

17.00-19.00 Womb Yoga, Embodiment Class

19.00-20.30 Dinner

20.30-21.30 Sauna, Yoga Nidra, Rest

“The Womb Sadhana with Jenny has been such a nourishing and healing journey. I feel more connected to the inner mother and also became more connected to my heart and womb. I can finally FEEL my womb speak to me. Feeling more sensitised and connected to the feminine.

The practises that Jenny shares, is something I will take with me in the every day life and within my own yoga practise.

So grateful for this journey and hope to continue this practise in a space together with likeminded woman and also in my own discovery and inner healing journey.

Thank you Jenny for authentic sharing and safe space”

- Victoria Larsson


“Tanja’s wisdom of the heart, love and grace is reaching me in deep places. Her ways are soft and subtle and her teachings lets things takes its time to shift slowly in me, on a deep level. Her intuition is very strong and her spaces are genuine, welcoming and sincere and they leave me with a feeling of much love and safety. The ritual dance goes beyond words, but it is truly magic and something I wish for every human to experience. It has changed me deeply and to that I am immensely grateful.”

- Anna Tova

Womb Yoga & Shamanic Womb journey with Jenny 

Jenny is deeply passionate about supporting women in discovering their true feminine nature. She supports women in awakening their Womb and healing their connection to themselves through Womb Yoga and embodied movement, feminine psychology, ancient rituals and shamanic journeys. She believes that finding a deeply embodied connection to your womb and feminine being is the essence of recognising your wholeness as a woman.

She is a dedicated student of Vedanta and has studied various forms of yoga and healing practices, like Yoga Therapy, yoga for Women, Womb awakening, Yoga Nidra, Cranio Sacral therapy and feminine psychology.

Moving meditation and devotional practices with Tanja Lukic

Tanja offers guidance in devotional feminine healing practices that connects women together on deeper levels. She offers a safe honouring space for women to witness and support each other on the path of the sacred feminine. She will guide you into the subtle movement of Temple Ritual, a feminine authentic Temple Dance that opens doors to mysticism and functions as a portal into your inner most sacred self. A moving meditation that softly and gently opens up the body to higher frequencies where you will be danced by the divine nature of you. Tanja Lukic is a certified teacher in the field of Tantra Sacred Dance for Women with years of experience of diving into the sacred feminine path.

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