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Restoring the roots of your feminine soul

5 - week online journey starting April 20

Awaken and Heal the connection to your Yoni, feel more aligned with your truest Feminine expression, & connect to her deeply and intimately as an alive wise being in your life.


Beloved woman,


This journey is for you who deeply long to restore the connection to your Yoni, your wise woman, that can lead you to greater pleasure creativity and connection to your Feminine expression.


Your Yoni is the root of your Feminine soul.

If you feel disconnected to your Yoni on a physical, spiritual and emotional level, and long to awaken her as a portal into feminine pleasure and divine wisdom, then this journey is for you.

During this 5 - week journey, you'll be given tools to awaken and heal the connection to your Yoni.

Awaken the roots of your feminine, so that your Yoni will feel more alive and vibrant, awakening her voice as a wise & loving guide in your life.

During this 5 - week journey we will

Enliven your Yoni and awaken her sensuous nature so that you can discover the pleasure of living in your body.

Awaken the voice of your Yoni and let her be the wise, loving & healing guide in your life that she is meant to be.

Open your connection to feel her on a  deep level, physically - emotionally & spiritually.

Heal the Womb - Heart connection, the union between Love & Creativity, that feeds your creative projects with love, and supports you in living life from a loving heart.

Worship & speak to your Yoni to heal her and relate more intimately with this source of endless creativity and enjoyment in your life.

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The 5 Spirals

Spiral 1


Awaken your physical Yoni with Yoni activation practices. Learn to embody all parts of your Yoni landscape, as well as moving her energies through breath work and movement.

Spiral 2


Learn a powerful breath practice where you breathe with your Yoni to awaken her energetic currents and feel her on a deep level.
Spiral 3


A breathwork and body prayer practice to restore the vital connection between your Heart & Womb.
Spiral 4


A Shamanic Womb journey to meet the voice of your Yoni - a powerful feminine wise voice waiting to awaken.
Spiral 5


Journey into the mystery of your Yoniverse to restore her divine essence. A deeply healing experience of reclaiming your Yoni's sacred innocence.
Six short & simple to use nervous system regulators that will support you in feeling safe in your body and strengthen body awareness so that you are present to what is happeening. The practices will help you regulate your nervous system if something surfaces that makes you overwhelmed.
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Spiral 1 Yoni Embodiment + online opening ceremony circle (18.00-20.00 CET)











Spiral 2 Yoni Breathing 

Spiral 3 Heart Womb Union + online circle (18.00-19.30 CET)

Spiral 4 Meeting the Voice of your Yoni 

Spiral 5 Yoni Puja 

Online closing ceremony circle (18.00-20.00 CET)

If this is happening with you:


At some point you lost touch with your Yoni, maybe you feel like you never really connected with her and she feels shut down.


You've felt a resonance when you've heard other women talking about a loving and alive relationship to their Yoni, and you've grieved not feeling the same connection.


You want to be connected to your Yoni daily, to feel her physically and commune with her as a source of divine feminine love in your life.


You've realised that the disconnection to your Yoni is the root cause of feeling disconnected to your feminine self.


What this course is not about..

Sexual healing, though this is often an indirect result of doing Yoni healing work.

Trauma healing, if you have unresolved trauma that you haven't dealth with, this course can be too triggering for you. Please make sure you have support from a therapist or similar if you are actively facing trauma.

This is not about working with your sexuality. You'll be working with the same energies, however from standpoint of healing the connection to your Yoni as the seat of your feminine spirit. Even if sexual healing is not the focus, you may still experience heightened pleasure energies in your body.

3 Live online ceremony circles 
5 guided audio practices
A brief audio introduction to each practice
Support and sharing in private facebook group
All audio journeys are downloadable 
Forever access to all content
Two live embodiment integration classes
+ Bonus
For one week you'll be doing one practice (breath work, embodiment practice or meditation). Practices last from 15-30 minutes. You'll do it as often as you like (Between 3-7 times a week is recommended).

There will be no refunds on this program.

Please email me for any questions.


Are you ready to restore the power of your Yoni, create a deeply loving & intimate relationship to Her as a creative force, a source of embodied wisdom and a sanctuary of deepest love?

Hi, I'm Jenny Janaki,

I'm  an intuitive Womb healer and teacher of feminine embodiment in the spheres of the Heart, Womb and Yoni. I work with womb yoga, shamanic womb journeys, embodiment practices and sacred rituals.

I love to feel at home in my feminine body. My life mission is to heal the wounds of the feminine that are preventing women from feeling a depth of loving connection to themselves.

I've struggled with feeling a loving connection to my Yoni for most of my life, as she was so shut down from mistreating her.

As I started the journey of healing her, I was astonished by how many areas of my life was affected. I felt more at home and in love with my body, I finally felt more feminine, and I experienced more energies of pleasure circulate in my body.

Most importantly for me, the voice of my Yoni awakened, and I had an unconditionally loving and wise being to turn to within. She is with me everyday of my life, supporting me in my creations, decision making and caring for my little daughter.

Jenny’s offerings are talking to my body and womb in a way no other womb-related teaching has done.

Jenny’s offerings are talking to my body and womb in a way no other womb-related teaching has done. The embodiment and yoga-practice is so beautiful, sometimes bringing me into a state of trance. She feels genuinely here with all of herself and her presence makes me feel safe and calm. Her teachings are the perfect combination between body and soul as she mixes her knowledge of body, psychology and her own experiences. It is a true gift what she is bringing to the world! I can truly recommend her teachings to anyone who wishes to understand and care for themselves better. As well as giving themselves the pleasure and heart-womb connection every woman deserves.

- Anna-Tova Gyllin

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Restoring the roots of your feminine soul

3.500,- sek

*3 Month Payment Plan available

▷  5  Spirals (includes teachings, 5 core practices & 3 live online ceremony circles)

▷  Forever access to all content & downloadable audio practices

▷  Support in private Facebook group

▷ Two live embodiment integration classes

▷ + Bonus - 6 nervous system regulating practices

For any woman who also needs financial aid, I welcome you to apply for one of our partial scholarship spaces.

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