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 Embracing all that you are 


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We are in a beautiful season of leaning into the feminine realms of nourishment and healing. By going inwards to receive the wisdom through our bodies, we allow our Womb to speak to us.

Our feminine bodies and Womb needs slowing down to feel and be listened to. At the same time, we gather tension and stuck energies if we don’t move our body and express ourselves.

The journey of healing starts with loving the lost and rejected parts of ourselves, that’s inhibiting us from feeling fully connected to our feminine radiance and opening our Womb to be a source of wisdom and pleasure.

During this mini-retreat we will move with love and attention into our bodies, to listen to her, to pay attention where we have been resisting to be with ourselves. Through sound, breath and movement we will release what’s been gathering in the chalice if our body, our Womb.

A replay will be available for one week if you cannot make it online or would like to rewatch the classes.

Saturday - The inner journey
10.00-11.30 ∽ movement, embodiment & Womb connection
11.30-11.45 ∽ snack break
11.45-13.00 ∽ Introduction to the unconscious & emotions and Inner Mothering Meditation

Saturday - Womb ∽ Yoni awakening
10.00-11.30 ∽ movement, embodiment & Womb connection
11.30-11.45 ∽ snack and pea break
11.45-13.00 ∽ Shamanic Womb Journey

Price for one day 300,- / 30€
Price for both days 500,- / 50€

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An evening workshop of diving into the home of your feminine



Gather with us in a Women’s healing circle to journey into your Womb, the seat of your Feminine Essence. She is the abode of Shakti - the primordial feminine.

We need to restore the relationship to our Womb to heal our Feminine bodies, as she is the center of the Feminine.

The Womb's power has been rejected for thousands of years and therefore we have disconnected from her as a spiritual center that enriches a woman’s life with deep healing, feminine power and awakening.

As Women, we often feel that we have lost our inner connection, the trust in ourselves and our body's wise knowledge. The journey to find back the trust in ourselves is through the body. A deeply intimate journey into your sacred self.

You will journey into your body to slow down and embody the softness of the feminine. That’s where we need to go to access the mystical feminine realms where deep bodily wisdom reside, where you can awaken to a side of yourself, so beautiful you might have never imagined possible.
This is the part of you that is infinitely loving, a deep heart-connected and intimate relationship to every part of yourself, where any pain, shame and wound can be met with love.

The evening consists of three parts
Landing in: Womb Yoga, Womb meditation, breath and sound practices to take you into deep feminine embodiment.
A small tea break with snacks
Entering the Womb Portal: A Shamanic journey into your Womb where you travel into the hidden, mysterious wisdom of the Womb.

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“I’m forever grateful for joining Jenny’s women’s retreat. To be in a space with women only, with women I hadn’t met before scared me. Deep wounds from childhood had left me not comfortable in the female space.

But despite that I went on this retreat. I could expose and release so much sorrows and fears connected to the feminine. With the help of Jenny’s beautiful womb yoga and guided meditations I found my inner friend. And this friend stand by me always. I can feel her now. The sisterhood that aroused between us was mind-blowing. I never expected anything like this.

Go, just go. You are so worth it.”

- Kitty Laukkanen


From seed to flower ∽ blooming your feminine

With Jenny Janaki, Tanja Lukic and friends



As we are about to step into spring, Mother Earth’s seeds are sprouting and preparing to awaken from her deep slumber. This is a time when the Great Mother’s creative power and inspiration reflects within us, with the potential to fill us with new inspiration and planting sacred seeds within our Womb. An auspicious time to bloom our sacred feminine flower.

In order for the feminine to bloom within, we first need to grow deep roots into ourselves. We do this by becoming intimate with our nervous system, slowing down to feel ourselves and welcoming all the shades of ourselves. The feminine blooms when she is allowed to express all her sacred shades. The feminine radiance has been suppressed in women through generations and lifetimes of not honouring the feminine.


During this women’s gathering we will plant sacred seeds together, to bloom the flower of our feminine through sacred dance, voice activation, womb healing, shamanic womb journeys, temple dance, breathwork,

poetry, womb yoga and more..

We are five women with five different expressions of Woman and we are longing to share our gifts with you!


This retreat will be led by Jenny and Tanja who have invited three wonderful women to share their gifts – Angelica with Freemove™, Naomi with voice exploration and expressing through poetry and Petra Parvati Kalla with yoga therapy.


This retreat will be led by Jenny and Tanja who have invited three wonderful women to share their gifts.

Jenny is one of the retreat leaders, will guide you through the retreat, as well as sharing Womb awakening through Womb yoga and Shamanic Womb journeys. Jenny holds a deep and calm space for your unique inner process to unfold. Her classes are a gentle journey into yourself, where you meet your feminine centers and connect intimately to your Womb and Yoni. Nervous system regulation, breath, sounding, organic movements and Womb connection is an essential part of her classes. In her Shamanic Womb journey, you will enter a deep level of rest and meet the mystery of your Womb, where your intuitive feminine knowledge is waiting to be discovered.


Tanja, will hold space together with Jenny and offer guidance in meditation for women and devotional feminine healing practices. This teaching softly and gently approaches subtle movement and witnessing, that opens doors of inner dimensions and beautiful discoveries. It offers an opportunity to reclaim and enjoy our divine sacred nature. A gentle blooming from within.


Angelica will share Freemove™  where yoga and exploratory movement as well as stillness and being in the present now guides us into new places in ourselves and to great liberation. All in a safe frame where sharing and debriefing plays an important roll. Angelica guides you in her creative and genuine way through this journey of movement and embodiment; Freemove Yoga is a movement practice using different techniques in a delicate mix.

Petra will be sharing Yoga therapy – Sacred support for reconnecting to our pelvic floor, hips, pelvis and breath, and a yoga class focused on nervous system regulation, where we explore how to be there for ourselves with self-compassion. How to meet our emotions as they are and learn how to be with them, give them space, breathe light and awareness into them. To make everything inside us known. We draw from yogic principles of healing, vedanta and self-compassion psychology in contemplative meditations and visualisations. In body-mind therapy we have the chance to become empowered via the psychophysiological responses to our movements and postures.

Naomi will offer a possibility to explore sounds and rhythms of the voice together in an open, playful way, weaved with exploring words of devotion in lyrical poetry expressed in singing. She might combine this with Mystic BreathDance for Women – a light dive into our vibrating, living, deep, vulnerable and passionate bodies through breath and movement!


Early Bird Price: 2500kr off until the 26th of December. After that, the price will increase.

If you want to come Friday the 1st to Sunday the 3rd, use the discount code FRIDAY for 900kr off.

Thursday March 31st

16.30-19.00: Landing yoga, yoga nidra, welcome circle

19.00-20.30: Dinner

20.30: Entering healing space, meditation

Friday - Saturday

08.00-09.30: Slow flow Angelica

09.30-10.30: Silent Breakfast

10.30-11.00: Morning gathering

11.00-13.30: Tantra Temple dance with Tanja

13.30-17.00: Lunch Break, rest, forest walk, time for yourself

17.00-19.00: Class with Jenny

19.00-20.30: Dinner

20.30-21.30: Class with Naomi

Sunday 3 April

08.00-09.30: Yoga with Petra

09.30-10.30: Silent Breakfast

10.30-11.00: Morning gathering

11.00-13.30: Sacred healing ceremony

13.30: Lunch

Departure after lunch



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From previous retreats....


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