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⟣ Womb Healing, Sacred Erotic, Feminine Psychology ⟢

  • Are you longing for a sensual, safe, and healing connection to yourself?

  • Are you longing to feel your body deeply, so that you can abide in your Feminine Essence and access more of your sensuality?

  • Are you longing for a deep Heart - connection to yourself, where you can be with your emotions, rather than running away from pain?

  • Are you longing to awaken your sexual erotic energy to access more pleasure and feel more open in your body?

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It's time to awaken the Radiance of your Womb and come home to the Temple of your Feminine that is filled with love, power and pleasure.

Are you sick of carrying ancient wounds of suppression, shame, grief and taking on what isn’t yours? Have your recognised that there’s something entirely wrong with the way we’ve learnt to relate to our bodies? Do you feel a disconnection from your body and feminine?

The Womb is the temple of the Feminine. She’s the core of our sacred erotic essence, why hasn’t anyone taught us her immeasurable magic and power?


You might have a feeling that there must be more to having a Womb than carrying children and bleeding every month.


In your cells, there may be a memory of something ancient that was lost to you and now you feel a deep sorrow for your loss. Because in ancient times women used to have a deep connection to their Womb.

How would it feel if you could recognise your body as a sacred vessel of love and goodness?

How would it be if your body could become your sacred temple, with your Womb as the seat

This is a deepening journey into the root of your feminine essence. There are several reasons why we feel disconnected to ourselves, and I have put together 6 modules that address the parts that I believe is most wounded in Women. 


We need to befriend these wounded parts and get to know them intimately, so that we can reclaim the essential parts of being a Woman. When we’re rejecting the parts of the feminine that’s scary and that we don’t like, no deep inner connection is possible. The Womb will be blocked, our sexuality shut down and we feel disconnected from our bodies.


Here's whats inside Womb Radiance

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Opening the Temple doors to your Womb

Womb Radiance is a weaving of Womb wisdom and awakening

practices, psychology on the female psyche and the

sacred erotic, to help you awaken to the magical potential

of your body and experience healing, pleasure, and profound

aliveness in your body.

This is a powerful initiation into your Womb's Magic

There are initiations you should have gotten long time ago, but there was no one there to teach you, to honour you, and to initiate you.

Now, it's time to reclaim your Feminine Power by being your own teacher and elder.

Through this course, you will learn how to awaken the power of your Womb and fall in love with every aspect of being a woman. You can create a safe home inside of you where every part of you is accepted, loved, and held. You can learn how to awaken the 

erotic energies of your Yoni and experience the healing power 

of the most sacred energy available in your body.

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Stay tuned, this course is gestating and ready to birth soon!