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What happens to Woman when she's not allowed to live by her true nature?

When we're conditioned to hide some of the most primordial parts of ourself. When we can't express our glorious sexuality.

When we can't express our anger

We don't dare to feel our grief

We shut down our intuition because we're taught the mind is right and the body is wrong.

What happens to us when these natural parts of woman is pushed into the shadows?

We disconnect

We don't trust our self

We implode

We shut down

Woman who's had to hide her true self.

And then pain becomes too big to carry, there must be a way out.

She starts to realise the primal parts of herself that's been shut down.

She learns to express her anger in a healthy way.

She realizes that her sexuality is the most beautiful and innocent energy and she goes on a journey of exploring its divinity.

All the pent up grief that she's terrified to feel opens up in safety and runs like endless rivers from her eyes, expressing her hearts longing for love, blessing her and healing her wounds, filling her with divine love.

She starts feeling her body. Sensing into every sensation, tending to every wound that arises, expressing all that needs to come out.

She finally has the courage to voice her pleasure, pain, anger, unfairness, love and sacred boundaries.

Finally, her body opens to the love that she already is, that has always been there, hidden underneath veils of pain.

It is so clear now, so true because she feels it in her whole being, her body speaks its feminine language of true love.

She has stepped into her Wombs Wisdom.

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