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What wounds does your Womb carry?

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Before I discovered the magic of having a Womb, I had lived over 30 years with a Womb, thinking that its primary function was to brith a baby.

I am still mesmerised that my Womb carries the same creative potential as Mother Earth, of growing and birthing another being. The biggest revelation was to experience that she is alive, pulsating with feminine life every moment.

We can grow a deep and intimate relationship with her that goes beyond what our intellect can explain and perceive.

Womb awakening is our Womb birthing us into the truth of our feminine essence.

The Womb is the core of a woman’s being and a sacred container that stores our feminine. She's the seat of Shakti, the divine feminine.

The Womb space, which is not limited to the size of the physical Womb, is the temple of the sacred feminine, the seat of our sacred erotic, and she has the power to birth the gifts we’ve been given in this life.

However, when our feminine, our sexuality, and our creative gifts have been wounded or inhibited from blooming the way they were created to do, the Womb gets blocked and her energies becomes stagnant.

Since the Womb is a container, she has also collected the pain caused by painful events in our lives that were too painful to process.

One example many women resonate with are the times when our Yoni has been entered when we weren’t ready, when our body said no, but we could not listen to the no.

We might say that what she holds onto is an ocean of memories. We carry the wounds of our ancestors and our Mother-line, the entire herstory of the feminine which goes back to the beginning of time. We carry the wounds created in this life, our sexual wounds, the sister wound, the wound of not knowing ourselves, the wound of shaming the feminine body as dirty and only beautiful in one certain shape and look.

So much is hidden in her unknown waters, and that's how we lost touch with the most healing, nourishing, pleasurable and love-filled part of our feminine. The great disconnection that we aren't even aware of took place.

The healing starts when we give her attention. All she is asking for is to be lifted up into the loving light of our heart. When we can move into our bodies, come into a close connection to our Womb and meet her in love, she feels safe. When she feels safe, she will reveal her stories. They can come as sensations, memories, thoughts, pictures, movements, and physical sensations.

The journey of healing the Womb is the journey back to love. And as her pain releases, you may receive mystical messages from her.

The first step for me started with a prayer to my Womb. I asked her to reveal herself, to speak to me. And so she did. And her answer was so unexpectedly beautiful, a love I had never experienced before. A love expressed from deep within my heart. She whispered sacred words to me and I could feel her energy expand throughout my body.

Picture credits: Josefin Svedberg

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