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Womb Health part 1 Struggling with constipation?

How is constipation and Womb health connected? Keep reading if you want to know how I healed years of being constipated and having stomach issues.

It may seem strange to talk about it as I mainly share about Womb awakening from a spiritual angle, but being constipated can have a big effect on your Womb and its energetic flow. If you're not able to go to the toilet daily, stool will build up in your intestines, which will block the flow of energy in your Womb. This leads to stagnation in your Womb.

I used to have massive stomach issues for more than 15 years. As a young girl I didn’t pay attention to all the problems I was having with my stomach. I thought it was somehow normal and not possible to do something about. I only knew of western medicine, that would only treat my problems with laxatives (which makes the core problem even worse), rather than looking at why I had these issues.

Sounds familiar?

I’ve spoken to countless women who has some kind of problem with their digestion, and it affects our daily wellbeing. When our gut is not healthy and we don’t have the good bacterias in our gut to stay healthy, it can lead to hormonal issues, and it can also affect the bacterial flora of your Yoni.

I went years with constant belly pain, being bloated, having gas and constipation. I had no idea it had gone so far that I had developed an intolerance toward milk and gluten and I had leaky gut (something that is much more common than we are aware of and it’s serious health issue that we need to take care of). I felt horrible and I had no idea what to do about it!

The only thing that helped my constipation was drinking coffee, which further hurt my intestines and made me extremely anxious and ungrounded. What a vicious cycle..

The result was that it started affecting my hormones and therefore I started having great menstrual pain and heavy bleeding.

First, I want to share what I did to get my digestion going so that I could start going to the toilet daily. These are things you can do that won’t hurt your dear belly further.

  • I always start my day by drinking a huge glass of warm water (drink around 2 litres a day)

  • I eat a high fibrous meal for breakfast like pears, to get things going - think of fruits that contain a lot of water

  • I don’t drink cold smoothies or drinks anymore as it lowers the digestive fire

When constipated I

  • Take a tablespoon of psyllium husk morning and evening mixed in water, making sure to stay hydrated (otherwise it can make you more constipated)

  • I add more flax seeds to my diet and eat food that’s easy to digest (no bread, beans, pasta - even if gluten-free)

  • I take Magnesium Citrate (up to 800mg daily) - this has proved to work wonders for my belly! I take it in the evening before bed.

  • I do coffee enemas which helps with bowel movement and is a great liver detoxifier. You need to be careful with this if you’re sensitive to caffeine though. Even if it doesn’t have the same effect as drinking coffee, it definitely affects you. Google will tell you how to do it and you can read about the benefits. Simply doing water enemas is also helpful for detoxification.

  • Bone broth is an incredible medicine in so many ways, the list is long. One thing it helps with is to heal leaky gut and restore the vaginal immune function.

I hope this helps you on your journey of healing if you are experiencing any stomach issues. With constipation or any stomach issues, it’s always important to find the root cause. We are not meant to have belly pain, gas, constipation or any other issues and it’s possible to heal when you find where the issue stems from. There are so many feminine issues that are connected to our gut health.

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