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Wednesday November 30th 2022  at 18.00-19.30 CET


Presented by Jenny Janaki,

Beloved Woman,

Join me on this Womb centered feminine healing journey where you will invite the awakening of your Womb; the temple of the feminine.


The disconnection to our Womb is maybe the greatest loss that has happened to women, because it encompasses so many central parts of being a woman. It is the seat of Shakti - the divine feminine.


We can create an entire being within our womb, or we can offer that creative potential to grow our passions in life.

Our womb is the seat of our sexual energy, as well as our connection to the earth and the moon, which affects us hugely. Re-establishing a sacred connection to our womb will support us in claiming our wholeness as women.

In this free 90 minute Womb journey I will share

Create space for this sacred meeting with yourself

The 90-minute journey will include a mixture of teaching, embodiment practices and a shamanic journey. 


There will be a replay sent out after the call, but there's a special connection between us happening if you can join us live.

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Jenny is deeply passionate about supporting women in discovering their true feminine nature. She supports women in awakening their Womb and healing their connection to themselves through Womb Yoga and embodied movement, feminine psychology, ancient rituals and shamanic journeys. She believes that finding a deeply embodied connection to your womb and feminine being is the essence of recognising your wholeness as a woman.


She is a dedicated student of Vedanta and has studied various forms of yoga and healing practices, like Yoga Therapy, yoga for Women, Womb awakening, Yoga Nidra, Cranio Sacral therapy and feminine psychology.

I took part in Jenny’s womb sadhana and feel very grateful for everything you have shared with us. From the very first moment I have felt that I am in the right place. It was your presence, your voice, your authenticity that was the invitation for me to trust, relax, let go and dive deeper into my body, into the womb space. Sometimes tears came on my face during the session, they were tears of deep gratitude, a connection that come when my heart is touched deeply. I feel blessed having the chance to participate in the program. Your energy, your presence is so authentic, real and heartfelt, what a beautiful gift and invitation to others! Thank you.


Imagine how it would feel to have your Womb as a constant source of inspiration and love, a place to come home to on this  journey of life. 

Imagine if you could restore your Womb back into its original blueprint ∽ a source of infinite creation and deep feminine wisdom. A Feminine way of living is possible. Come gather with us and we will find it together.
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