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Are you longing to understand the power of your Womb and embody your fullest feminine expression?


EARLYBIRD until May 30

Step into a deeply feminine ceremonial space together, where we create a temple of love and healing frequencies. 

The womb is so much more than a physical organ to create a baby. She is the great feminine mystery, the Creatrix of all life.

The Womb is a fountain of deep embodied wisdom, sourced from all women that has walked the earth before us. She is the well of endless creativity, healing and intuitive knowledge.

The Womb is the temple of the Divine within your body.

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It is breathtakingly beautiful when women come together and open their hearts, to allow the energies of the divine to flow. There’s not something we need to “do”, this happens when we allow our hearts and Wombs to open by connecting to a circle of women.

The power and wisdom of the Womb has been lost by modern woman. Many of us long to discover her great mystery as the temple of the divine, a source of endless creativity and feminine wisdom.

Now, more than ever, women are waking up to the healing powers of their womb and the feminine circle, realising that this is the journey home to the sanctuary within.

Your feminine soul lives within the temple of your womb, I am here to inspire you awaken an alive relationship to her.

This is a rebirthing of your feminine radiance, unlocking the powers and wisdom of your sacred womb. Your feminine radiance of love is already there within you, she just needs to be remembered.


〜 Womb Ceremony

〜 Womb healing massage to take home

〜 8 Gates of the Womb healing journey

〜 Womb breathing

〜 Daily Womb Yoga

〜 A sacred fire ceremony

〜 Cacao Womb Ritual

〜 Several embodiment practices to take you           deeper into your feminine temple

〜 Hands-on sister healing practice

〜 Ancient sacred rituals to connect to the                 Divine Feminine

〜 Breath work & voice activation

〜 Deep rest journeys

〜 Daily Womb Yoga led by sister Julia

〜 Sacred spa ritual 



15.00: Arrival & check in

16.30: Entering the temple – landing practice & welcome circle

19.00: Dinner

20.30: Yoga Nidra

21.00: Sauna

Friday – Saturday

7.30: Womb Yoga

9.00: Breakfast

10.30: Womb Mysteries

13.00: Lunch


17.00: Womb Mysteries

19.00: Dinner

20.30: Kirtan/Ceremony


7.30: Womb Yoga

9.00: Breakfast

10.30: Closing ceremony

13.00: Lunch & departure


〜 Regardless of whether you have a physical womb or not, you still have a spiritual and energetic womb space

〜 You want to learn tools to care for your womb and feminine being

〜 You long to connect to beauty far beyond your exterior form

〜 You long to access more inspiration and creativity in your life

〜 You’ve experienced the beauty of the feminine, and you feel ready to open deeper to the healing space of women


“Jenny’s offerings are talking to my body and womb in a way no other womb-relating teaching has done. The embodiment and yoga-practice is so beautiful, sometimes bringing me into a state of trance. She feels genuinely here with all of herself and her presence makes me feel safe and calm. Her teachings are the perfect combination between body and soul as she mixes her knowledge of body, psychology and her own experiences. It is a true gift what she is bringing to the world! I can truly recommend her teachings to anyone who wishes to understand and care for themselves better. As well as giving themselves the pleasure and heart-womb connection every woman deserves.”

Anna-Tova Gyllin

PRICE 6.300,- (Early bird get, 500,- off until May 30th)


All classes & ceremonies

3 daily delicious vegan meals

Accomodation in double room (Single, triple & glamping available)

Pick up train station


Julia Snöljus 

Will be holding the morning Womb Yoga classes

Julia is a yoga teacher, women’s circle facilitator, earthing guide & ceremony lover and she is teaching yoga in a way that honors the feminine body and heart.


She has a passion for creating sacred spaces and inviting people to see the magic, beauty and sacredness in life - in full self acceptance and however it shows up in the moment. 


Julia also loves to inspire people to reconnect with mother nature and her cyclical wisdom. She is a student of Vedanta and the desire for self knowledge is what is in her heart.

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