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A journey into your holiest space, your Womb.


She, your Womb, is waiting for you to discover her. She is a place of feminine magic and mysteries. 


Our Womb has become a gathering of painful memories and blockages, leaving us disconnected from our feminine, our sexuality and our creative power.

With that the healing and spiritual connection to our Womb has been lost to us, and we no longer believe in our Womb’s power. 

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During this 10 - day journey I will be sharing practices that will help you meet your Womb and all that she’s carrying. You’ll have a deeper understanding of what your Womb is holding on to and how to meet her in a healing way. 


Timing November 1st - 7th

⩥ Weekdays 7pm Swedish time (CET)

⩥ Weekends 11am Swedish time (CET) - November 6th/7th

you will be able to join or watch the replay for 24h.

The practices will last between 15-30 minutes

The Womb is a woman’s home, a place to seek refuge and dissolve into the Great Mothers love. She is a place of infinite creation. Just as Mother Earth keeps creating all her inexplicable beauty every moment, so does our Womb carry the same potential. What a miracle!


As you are making this sacred commitment to your Womb, you are starting a healing journey of coming back home to yourself, to the parts of you that’s been forgotten, that carries such potential for healing. It’s a journey back to the deepest love within, an intimate meeting with the parts of you that can dissolve any wound into love.


As we reclaim the connection to our feminine through our Womb, she starts releasing all the pent up memories she’s been holding on to. Lifetimes and generations of suppression, trauma, disempowerment and disconnection starts releasing. When she starts shedding the old, her divine nectar will shine through and her erotic, creative energies will start flowing again.

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