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Healing your Maiden Journey





Are you longing to step into a powerful version of yourself where you feel deep inner love and security within?

Do you want to feel at home in your body and able to handle the challenges the world brings you?


Do you often feel lonely and disconnected from yourself and others?

Do you want to awaken the Wise Woman within whom you can turn to for guidance, and safety, someone who can give you the motherly love that you're so longing to get from others?


Healing your Maiden is a one-moon (30 day) journey into your Mature Feminine where you will restore a healthy and loving relationship to yourself.


You will journey into meeting your inner Maiden and get to know her and what she is carrying.

The Maiden is such a beautiful part of our psyche and brings the gifts of being open to life. She's and adventurer who loves to enjoy the gifts of creation and explore all that life has to offer.

Yet she also holds several wounds, because of the patriarchal structures that's suppressed the feminine for centuries. We have missed wise, strong women to initiate us and guide us into the Mature Feminine archetype of the Mother - our Wise Woman within.

There's so much we didn't get as Maidens when we weren't initiated and guided by healthy mentors, and we remain stuck in the wounded Maiden, looking for affirmation, love, safety and attention from outside of ourselves, which we can fully get. We will always be disappointed as the outer world cannot give us the love and safety we so deeply long for.


We can step into the mature, healthy feminine by embodying the Inner Mother Archetype and create a loving sanctuary within where we always have someone to come home to who can give us all the love and attention we are searching for in the outer world.

How this one-moon journey will look like...

April 30th - New Moon - Meeting your inner Maiden

Live Womb Circle with opening ritual, teachings about the Maiden Archetype and sharing circle

  • Shamanic Journey with your Inner Maiden

  • Meditation to heal your Maiden wounds

  • Embodiment practice connecting to your Maiden

    • Nervous System regulation practice


May 16th - Full Moon - Stepping into the Inner Mother

Live Womb circle with opening ritual, teachings about the Mother Archetype and sharing circle

  • Shamanic Journey meeting your Inner Mother

  • Meditation to embody the Mother

  • Embodiment practice connecting to the Mother

  • Voice activation

May 30th - New Moon - Closing ceremony

How can this journey empower and heal you?


As this is a healing journey, the outcome will be different for every woman, my intention is for you to..

  • Gain clarity of who your inner Maiden is, what has wounded her and how that affects your daily life so that you can support her when she gets triggered

  • Heal the wounds of your Maiden by loving all of yourself, so that you can step into your Mature Feminine who's secure in herself and doesn't constantly look for love and affirmation outside of herself

  • Awaken the Inner Mother - the Wise Woman within who can give your Maiden self all the love, wisdom, guidance, empowerment and cherish her the way you weren't in your Maiden years

  • Strengthen the Mother archetype within so that she can be an empowering force that guide you in life, rather than being taken over by your Maidens wounds

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What's included in Healing Your Maiden Journey

  • Two Shamanic Journeys, two meditations, two embodiment practices, nervous system regulation & voice activation all pre-recorded and downloadable

  • Three live womb circles that will be recorded if you cannot make it live

  • Forever access to all content

  • Online sisterhood, support & musings in private facebook group

  • BONUS! - Free Access to recordings of Yoni-Womb Sadhana - five one-hour classes of feminine embodiment practices

How much time do you need to put into the course daily?

  • It's entirely up to you, but I warmly recommend doing either the shamanic journey or the meditation at least every second day, lasting between 20-30 minutes

  • Plus the embodiment practice when you feel like, lasting between 15-30 minutes


One-time Payment 1.500,- SEK / €150

Two part-time Payments 800,- SEK /€80

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Beloved Woman,

I'm Jenny Janaki, the heart behind A Feminine Way.

I created this course because I have felt so held back by my wounded Maiden.

She used to have so much power over me and prevented me from shining and daring to be myself.

I feel so deeply honoured to share this journey and my prayer is that it will empower you to dare to be yourself fully and heal the wounds your Maiden is carrying so that her jewels can shine.

Deepest love,

Jenny Janaki

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