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An embodied inquiery into the wisdom of your body

Your body never lies. Rather than letting your mind speak, you journey into your body and let her reveal what's waiting to be  acknowledged and healed. 

You will tap into your body's deepest truth and the wisdom of your intuition.

This is where you have the chance to release and heal the wounds that are preventing you from embodying your feminine self

These sessions is a holistic approach to support women in their healing journey. It recognises that the body holds wisdom and intelligence that can guide us toward greater wholeness. It emphasises the importance of listening to and honouring the body's messages.

During the session I tap into the field of Cranio Sacral Therapy, which is a gentle healing space that allows the body's self-healing ability to activate. It will also support you in feeling your body's energy and allow physical pain and memories to release

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There are several wounds that are preventing us from feeling a connection to ourself, our Womb & Yoni, to our sexuality and our creative expression. I am here to guide you into your body so that you can release what's been holding you back from experiencing your feminine radiance.


1 st session 75 minutes 850,- sek / 80€

Following sessions 60 minutes 800,- sek / 73€ 


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Veroica Peters

Every time I join Jenny’s Womb Healing classes, I am fascinated by what happens in my body. Her soft and warm approach to yoga makes me feel so safe and trusting. She helps me open new ways into my deepest core. She helps me heal, land and find balance and feminine power.

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Moa Emling

Jenny’s Yoga Nidra is something very unique, and her voice is very calming. I listen to her when I am feeling tired and need to rest to regain energy. I don’t have problems falling asleep anymore. To be in one of her retreats is like being surrounded by peace and calm.

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