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In 1:1 sessions you travel into the heart of your Womb.  This is where you have the chance to let go of and heal the wounds that are preventing you from expressing your authentic and unique feminine beauty.

This is a unique and mystical journey into the hidden waters of your feminine, where you can access your body's deeper knowing.


You may have a specific question or intention you'd like to address, or something that you long to heal. You may want to ask your Womb to reveal your greatest gifts, or you may want to connect deeper to your Womb.

When you journey together with me, I will hold a safe healing space for your Womb to reveal what's hidden in the depths of its sacred waters that’s preventing you from feeling fully connected and alive in your body, Womb, Yoni and feminine.

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There are many wounds that are preventing us from feeling a connection to our Womb, to our sexuality and to our creative expression. I am here to guide you into your body so that you can release what's been holding you back from experiencing your feminine radiance.

What can typically be addressed in our sessions

Disconnection from the Womb

Pain and trauma stored in our Womb (sexual traumas, birth traumas, abortion)

Disconnection from our Sacred Erotic ∼ our sexuality

Disconnection to people around us

Feeling a disconnection from our bodies, a low self-image

What's holding you back from expressing your gifts

The inner critic holding us back

Menstrual issues and its emotional cause

Fertility issues and its emotional cause

Longing to find your unique expression

Longing to reveal your gifts and talents 

Lack of sexual desire

Feminine Empowerment


1 session 90 minutes ∼ 1008,- SEK (108 €)                             
3 sessions á 90 minutes ∼ 2.650,- SEK (260 €)


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Veroica Peters

Every time I join Jenny’s Womb Healing classes, I am fascinated by what happens in my body. Her soft and warm approach to yoga makes me feel so safe and trusting. She helps me open new ways into my deepest core. She helps me heal, land and find balance and feminine power.

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Moa Emling

Jenny’s Yoga Nidra is something very unique, and her voice is very calming. I listen to her when I am feeling tired and need to rest to regain energy. I don’t have problems falling asleep anymore. To be in one of her retreats is like being surrounded by peace and calm.