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I'm Jenny Janaki

I’m the heart behind A Feminine Way, a creation that bloomed from my Womb after journeying into my feminine essence and recognising the powers hidden in my Womb, waiting to be discovered.


For so long, I felt disconnected from myself.
A disconnection that stemmed deep within my body, to my Heart and Womb, to my sexuality and feeling feminine.

I longed to feel like I belonged in this world and to have a safe home inside. 


I realised that all the pain was clearly connected to the way I related to myself as a woman. 


And so the journey began..

Jenny Janaki has studied the knowledge of Vedanta
for over a decade, something that has been life transformative for her and is her dedicated life path. Vedanta is the clearest map of how to live a spiritual life and shows the truth of who you truly are. It clarifies how you are already all that you are looking for and how to become a liberated person. Vedanta weaves like a red thread through her teaching.

She has immersed herself in studies of Menstrual Mysteries, Feminine Psychology, Inner Child Meditation, Cervical Orgasm, Womb Yoga and Shadow Work.

Jenny is a certified Yoga Nidra teacher through the Amrit Institute, something that is a vital part of Feminine Healing, as it takes you into the deepest depths of your being, where you can awaken your deepest feminine connection.

She has studied Carnio Sacral therapy for several years, something that deepens the space and healing potential in her classes profoundly. She also gives private sessions.

Her yoga background is from Atmavikasa Yoga (her first yoga TTC 13 years ago), Sama yoga TTC and Yoga Therapy with Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda.

At the moment she is doing a professional training with Dr.Gabor Mate called Compassionate Inquiry, which is a psychotherapeutic approach with the aim to reveal what lies underneath the way we perceive and react to the world.

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With deepest gratitude to my beloved teachers Shri Radhaji, Swami Vagishananda Saraswati and Institute of Feminine Arts for their infinite knowledge and experience. I could not live without their ocean of love and knowledge.

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