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Day 3   Womb Awakening Course


Open the Womb Mystery and see beyond the mind, into the magical portal of your Womb 

Today you'll journey through the Portal of the Womb and connect to her wisdom.

This is where you can recieve Womb Gnosis - Knowledge and healing from the deep, fertile waters of your Womb.

My recommendations to deepen the journey

  • To be present in your body, do the ritual from day 1 or 2

  • Listen with head phones

  • Be in a dark room or cover your eyes  

  • Do this practice either seated or lying down, make sure you are relaxed and comfortable

  • Be in a position where your legs are open so that the energies of your Yoni - your sexual organs can flow freely.

00:00 / 20:57

Music credits: Sacred space - Neil H, Clouds - Gary Stroutsos,

Angels of Light - Jane Winther, Kiss of a Rose - Deuter

Thank you so much for joining us, beloved woman.

If you enjoyed these rituals and want to go deeper, heal your womb, and awaken your sacred body of love, I'm launching Womb Village - a deep dive into Feminine Embodiment & Womb Awakening this autumn.
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