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4 powerful steps to connect to your womb right now

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Womb healing starts with a deep longing in our heart. We feel that something is missing inside. We see other women who seem so full and content in themselves and there’s an inner sensing that something is lacking inside.

Why don’t I have what she has?

You do have it. It’s already there within you, it has always been. It’s been hidden in the depths of your being, waiting to be discovered.

We have lost hope. We feel shut down and disconnected, I’m not made to feel that alive, that powerful. I’m not made for pleasure, it’s just not in me.

At some point in life our bodies shut down. It started taking on painful memories that we couldn’t process (because we never learnt that there is a way to be with it).

While our bodies was busy collecting painful memories, it’s openness to pleasure started getting covered. Covered by wounds of shame, not being met and overstepping our boundaries.

The most essential step when starting on the journey of connecting to your womb, is to drop from your mind and down into your body.

This is a big quest, as we have been thought in our culture to trust our intellect, not our bodies. Women especially have suffered from this. We’ve learnt to ignore our period and behave as if our bodies are the same as a man’s, who’s hormones are more stable, he doesn’t bleed, something that makes us immensely different! We have also learnt to not listen to our body’s inherent wisdom of intuition.

The beauty is that we have the power to reclaim these essential parts of us, so that we can recognise the beauty of the sacred feminine, who is deeply in touch with herself. These feminine jewels is lying there dormant within your body, waiting to be recognised and discovered.

When we approach the womb, we need to move slowly and without agenda. We give her permission to open up in her own time. And we need a heart centered practice to ground us

Here are some steps to safely, lovingly connect to your womb, without her becoming overwhelmed or feeling unsafe to open up and starting to release.


The most powerful way to embody your body, is through slowing down. It can be difficult to slow down, as we are so used to moving mechanically, being the only way we know and feel comfortable with. From early on we have learnt that we need to move in a certain way while learning sports and so on and we didn’t learn how to move organically and listen to our body.

When slowing down, we start to become aware and present in our body. We slow down to learn to FEEL ourself, our bodies and what is taking place inside. That’s the most essential step of embodiment. Move as if you are doing the most simplest movement for the very first time, so that you need to be totally aware of how to do the movement, as if your life depended on you doing the movement slowly.

Feel every inch of you body as you are moving, then narrow down on one area and feel the sensations there. How does it feel when you are moving? Are you sensing pulsations, tingling, tension, pain?


The second step of embodiment is through the breath. Often the simplest breath practice may be the most advanced, since it will allow you to do it effortlessly and your’e be able to focus on your body while breathing. You can either become aware of the breath and how it feels comfortable to breathe while moving, or you may deepen your inhale and slowly exhale.


As you slow down and start to drop into your body, your mind can naturally release stress, through thoughts that has been lingering for a long time in the back of your mind. We often think that yoga and meditation is about focusing the mind so that it can become more quiet. A feminine way of stilling your mind, is through welcoming the thoughts that want to be expressed. Allow it to be just as it is, right here and now. This will bring a lot of relaxation to the mind as it just needs to express itself. Be patient and allowing. Certain times in life, the mind might be especially stressed and agitated. You may deepen your breath further if you feel especially tensed.


At the end of the practice, you may lie down comfortably, place your hands gently on your womb, without any agendas or intentions for her to do something. Just be present and “listen” with your hands. I welcome you to try out this powerful and healing class to release your heart and open to love

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