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Womb Awakening & 
Deep Feminine Embodiment


Return to your feminine roots and awaken your sacred body

I am here to guide you home to your deep feminine body, where an infinite well of self-love and eros awaits. 

Slow, deep and safe is at the core of all we do.






a body - based spiritual journey of reclaiming your deep feminine power

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TUESDAYS 16.00-17.30

Dawn Collective Shala, Aljezur

Return to your feminine roots, and embody deep self-love



Womb Awakening Course


Heal Your Bleed

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Why Womb Work?

The Womb plays a huge role in a woman’s life. She’s a central part of our creativity, sexuality and our hormonal production, which all contribute immensely to our wellbeing.

On an energetic and spiritual level, she’s the birthplace of our creative power and home to our feminine spirit. She carries all imprints we have received related to being a woman.

Healing and reawakening your womb is at the core of healing the relationship to your body and womanhood.

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Embodying the deep feminine

We've learnt to live from our mind and got cut off from the wisdom of our body.

It doesn’t feel safe to go deeper and feel the big things that's moving in us, because we never learnt how to be with ourself.


To embody the deep feminine, we move down into the deeper layers of our being to resurrect our fullness.


By building the capacity to hold the big feelings like rage, shame, depression and shut down, they no longer keep us disconnected from the love that we are.

About Jenny Janaki

For so long I abused my body and ignored her wisdom. The result was great menstrual pain, burnout, and sexual shut down.

It was time to finally listen to the calling of my womb.

All the pain I was facing became an unraveling of who I am as a woman and understanding what was holding me back to fully love myself.

I struggled with feeling feminine, beautiful, sexual and confident.


I had done hundreds of hours of yoga, studied passionately Vedanta, but I had forgotten my feminine being. I ignored my cyclical nature and the fact that I felt shut down sexually. My nervous system was overtaxed with stress and I disliked parts of myself intensely.

The journey of returning home to my feminine body of love has been the most rewarding action I've taken in my life. To discover the power and richness of living from my sensual being has been a love story that keep unfolding and blessing my life. I am so looking forward to share the tools I've embodied with you.

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